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e are very pleased to offer you at last this one of a kind, fantastic film:
May be the best ever made about the supreme art of creation.

ueled with the mastery and poetic grandeur that set Frederic Rossif apart from all the others filmmakers, this film marks one of the very first of the fructuous collaboration with the great critically acclaimed composer Vangelis.

his is a very special and unique adventure.
Unique for Vangelis, improvising live on screen while Mathieu is painting two giant canvases: The Election of Charles Quint and the Necessity of hope.
Unique for the beautiful text written especially by the great French dramaturge: François Billetdoux.
Unique for both still unreleased...

For more than 35 years no one has been able to live again the exciting experience of watching this work of art!

ow come? And Why so much beauty has been unheard of for so long?
We have been searching a way to end the unthinkable and save forever from the limbs of oblivion what has become to most: Rossif's lost movie.

ntil Now!
For you deserve, we all deserve to be enlighten once again, by the Fury of creation, when its pure symbol is signed across our hearts with the everlasting legacy, those remarkable artists inherited us:  their names are Georges Mathieu, Frederic Rossif, Vangelis and François Billetdoux.

The Producer,
Yves Rescalat

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